It has been over 25 years since Jen and I first met on the campus of Grove City College.  We were both business majors at the time and shortly after graduation we both started working for Verizon Wireless.  I worked as a store manager and Jen worked as a business account manager.   After having kids, we both quit our jobs and became stay at home moms. 

I left Pittsburgh after my first baby was born and moved to North Carolina for 5 years.  Within 2 months of moving there I found my first children's consignment sale.  Money was tight and I felt it such a relief to find all the children's items I needed under one roof at a huge discount.  It definitely beat going to garage sale after garage sale never knowing what I might find.  I shopped and consigned at that same consignment sale for the 5 years we lived there.  Upon moving back to Pittsburgh I was disappointed to see that there weren't the consignment sales here that there were down in NC.  I suddenly found myself struggling to find ways to get money for the endless supply of children's items I had in my house.  I also missed being able to find those great deals under one roof. 

So as my pile continued to grow after moving back I decided it was high time to start a sale here in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  I asked a few friends if any of them would like to help me start the sale and Jen jumped at the chance.   We have had a lot of fun working this sale together and have used our business experience to make it professional and easy for our consignors and shoppers.  We want this sale to be a trusted place that you can sell your items and shop for items.  Raising kids is expensive and what a joy it is to have a place that you can sell your kids used items, make money and then buy them clothes and toys for the next season of life without emptying your whole wallet.  The consignment sale in North Carolina blessed me when we needed it most and I hope that our sale will be a blessing to others too. 

With 20 (THAT'S 10 YEARS NOW!) completed sales under our belts in the North Hills we continue to gather new ideas and improve our sales results.  We were voted BEST CHILDREN'S CONSIGNMENT SALE by Pittsburgh Magazine in their "Best of the Burgh"  July 2015 issue.  We were then voted as BEST CONSIGNMENT SALE IN THE PITTSBURGH REGION in 2016 and Best Consignment Sale in all of Western PA in 2018 AND 2019!   These are accolades that we are very proud of!!!  Our move in the fall of 2015 was necessitated by the demolition and renovation of the Northway Mall and we love holding our sales now at PISA.  With over 70,000 square feet of space, we can accommodate our very large customer base, and the convenience of being near three main thoroughfares makes our location easily accessible for people.  You are likely to see our husbands and children helping at the sale and boy have they grown since we started!   Two of our kids are in college with a third headed there in Fall 2021.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Lesley Bruns and Jennifer Hill

The Hill Family



Our Story

Our mission is to make raising kids more affordable for families.  Whether it is families earning money by selling their gently used children's items, or families saving hundreds of dollars purchasing items for their kids, we know we have helped them all financially.  We want Sunflower Sprouts to be a place where our volunteers, consignors and shoppers feel at home sale after sale.  We cherish every person that volunteers, consigns or shops at our sale.  We want to make sure they are treated with kindness and appreciation.  This isn't a job to us.  This is us making a difference in our community and we hope others will spread the word about this opportunity so they too can make an impact in helping others as well.

The Bruns Family