As a consignor with Sunflower Sprouts, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are not consigning any recalled items.  We cannot sell items which do not meet the standard lead limits, phthalates standards and toy standards due to new legislation.  It is imperative that YOU as consignors help to keep our shoppers and children safe.   Please click here to find the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissions recall list.

  • Girls and Boys clothing ranging from newborn to size 14 appropriate for current season (Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer)
    • Limits are set for size newborn to 9 months. Only 20 hanging items per gender per size will be accepted due to space and overcrowding in these sizes - example 20 0-3 months girls, 20 3-6 months girls, etc. 
    • Clothing in sizes 10-14 must be trendy and manufactured in the last 4 years.  We will be limiting the space to such brands as Abercrombie, Old Navy, Gap, Justice and the like.  Items that are not trendy in these sizes may be turned away. 
    • PreTeen clothes in Sizes XS - M must be from designer brands such as Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Aerie,  Hollister, Rue21, Nike, Under Armour,  Adidas, Pink.  NEW:  Item limits now apply in this category - no more than 20 teen items per size now applies.  Teen clothes in sizes L or XL or young women's clothes from stores like Ann Taylor, Talbots etc will NOT be accepted.  These are NOT teen clothes and will be returned to owner or donated.                      
  • Shoes, boots - 15 pairs of shoes per consignor are allowed) Must be in excellent condition
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Jeans accepted year round
  • Short sleeve shirts - no long sleeves for spring/summer
  • Bathing suits
  • Capri length pants for girls
  • School uniform clothing - NO school names on them please
  • cotton pajamas and sleepers - no fleece
  • Hats, hair accessories etc
  • Rain boots
  • Bikes, Scooters
  • Dance wear
  • Toys, games and puzzles (All pieces must be included and batteries must be included as needed.

            Any items brought that require batteries and do not have working batteries in them will be removed

            from the sales floor.  This includes toys as well as baby equipment.)

  • Stuffed animals will only be accepted if they "do" something like move, light up, or make noise.  If they require batteries, they must have them.
  • Children's Books and Parenting books that are in good condition.  Rules with Books:  We have a 50 item cap per consignor in this category and you MUST select the box to DISCOUNT your books.  You are allowed to group books into sets to count as one item.  (Examples of groupings:  3 Junie B Jones, or other series grouped together for $3 - will discount to $1.50 on 1/2 price day if it hasn't sold.  5 Toddler Board Books for $2 - will discount to $1. 
  • Baby/Toddler Items:
    • monitors, diaper pails, diaper bags, bathtubs, bath seats
    • high chairs, swings, strollers, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, baby carriers, bumbos - must have the safety strap attached
    • gates, locks, bed rails, wedges, outlet covers
    • cups, plates, silverware, bibs, booster seats (for eating, not for the car)
  • Linens and children's decor: crib and children's bed linens, blankets, crib toys, lamps, rugs, wall decor, towels, washcloths
  • DVDs, Music CD's  (Do not tape shut.  These will be checked at drop off before being taped and placed on sales floor.)
  • Scooters and Bikes in very good to excellent condition
  • Furniture such as changing tables, gliders, dressers, train tables, child headboards, child beds.
  • Maternity clothing for upcoming season.  **Must be current styles within last 4 years.  Older styles will be turned away or removed from sales racks.
  • Infant Car seats are allowed ONLY if they are part of a stroller travel system.  Make sure to check the car seat date before bringing.  Car seats may only be used for 6 years from the date of manufacture. Expired car seats will not be accepted but the stroller could still be sold.




Note about past inventory for returning consignors.  You do not have to retag any unsold items from our previous sales unless you are changing the price, 50% off selection, or donation item.  You do, however, have to make this older inventory ACTIVE in the system.

 If you have inventory from a previous sale that didn't sell and is applicable to the current sale, then once you are registered simply follow these steps:  

1.  Log into your account    

2.  Select Work with Consigned Inventory    

3.  Select Work with Inactive Inventory- this then lets you select the specific inventory from the past sale that you plan to bring to the upcoming sale.  You select these items by clicking on the box in front of the item number.  Only select inventory that you are bringing to the current sale.

4.  Click the "Make Items Active" button at the top of the screen.
We appreciate you taking the time to manage and monitor your inventory appropriately.  When done correctly it gives us a better idea of how our sale is running and how much we are selling.  If items are showing as active in the system but aren't on the floor being sold then it throws off our inventory as a whole, and it throws off your final totals which show how much of your product you sold.  We also highly recommend reducing the price of an item that has not previously sold, and evaluating if an item is just too worn, or out of date to be sold at all! 

Have you ever prepared your well cared for children's items to sell at a consignment store, taken them to the store and been sent home with almost as much you took?  This can be very frustrating to the mom who takes the time to organize these items only to have them rejected simpy due to space limitations and overstock  at the store. In addition, many consignment shops only pay you a few dollars for items they turn around and sell for much more.   With Sunflower Sprouts, we won't turn your items away as long as they are in good condition and in season.  You clean out your closets, you decide how much to sell the items for and you receive 65% or more of YOUR asking price.  At the end of our sale we have a 50% off day.  As a consignor, you can decide if you would like your items to be reduced to 50% off if they have not sold at regular price during the first part of our sale.  And you have the choice to donate any of your unsold items to the local charities we partner with at the end of the sale. 

Don't have the time to prepare and tag all your items?   Try out our tagging services.  Receive all the benefits of consigning without all the time. (See more about tagging service at the bottom of this page.)


Important Consignor Note:  If you had already started entering items for the fall sale prior to its' cancellation, you MUST move your fall items over to the inactive inventory side of the system.  Please see the detailed email  you received in January for how to do this in about 5 minutes time.   


  1. To begin entering inventory log in to your account using your consignor number and password.  
  2. On the left hand side select "Work with Consignor Inventory".  This will bring you to the Consignor Item Entry box.  
  3. This box gives you all the options on how to manage your inventory and print tags.  The 2 main options you will need to work with are "Work with my consigned inventory" and "Print Tags".  
  4. Click on "Work with my consigned inventory"  to add your inventory.  Make sure to select a size if applicable.  If any item is 3-6 months then choose "6 months".  Always choose the higher size to put on your tag since this is how we place them on the racks too.  If there is no size then simply choose "see description".
  5. A DETAILED DESCRIPTION MUST BE GIVEN such as name brand, colors, special details etc and then input your price.  It is imperative that you put specific detail for each item in this area so if a tag goes missing we can do a search to try and find a tag that matches your item.  If you want your item to discount to 50% off then check that box.  If you want to donate your item if it doesn't sell then check the donate box.  Any items that are marked to DONATE also MUST be marked to DISCOUNT.  During our 50% off sale about 90% of what we sell is at 50% off.  When consignors do not discount their items to help them sell but then choose to donate it causes us and our volunteers even more labor time to pull all those items to donate. 
  6. Once you are done inputting your inventory you can hit "finish for now".  
  7. You can then go back to the Consignor Entry box and select "Print Tags" to print.  You can print as many tags as you want.  If you add more inventory after you have already printed tags, simply choose "Print selected tags" and then select  "Print Unprinted Tags".  


There is a $15.00 fee to consign with us.  This fee helps to cover the costs for our lease, insurance, racks, materials, storage, fixture transportation, advertising, and mailing.   Consignors earn 65% of their sales dollars.  If a consignor volunteers 2 shifts (6 hours) they receive 70% of their sales dollars. Consignor Registration is closed at this time as we are full.   Consignors who are registered can tag items in system up till Saturday, April 10th, 2021 at midnight.  

Requirement: Minimum of 20 quality items and a maximum of 300 items for Spring 2021 due to COVID changes.  All items will be inspected upon arrival.  Items must be of current trends and in good condition.  

Register to consign:   Registration is full for Spring 2021. Registering online is quick and easy.  Click on the link below.  Input your information, sign the agreement and pay your registration fee via Paypal.  The consignor registration fee will be paid via paypal during registration.  This fee is nonrefundable even if you choose to unregister at a later date.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to make your payment, you can simply pay by credit card if you would like.   (If you are not automatically redirected to our site after making payment through Paypal, please make sure to select "Return to Sunflower Sprouts LLC" in order to properly finish your registration.  If you do not do this last step you registration will not be complete.) 

*IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR SPRING 2021 SALE:  Due to COVID and occupancy limits we are requiring all consignors to pre-register for shopping times.  Special shopping times for consignors are April 13th starting at either 5:00 or 6:30.  Please pick your time and register to shop.
*Important Note:  (If you are returning consignor with previously tagged inventory please follow the below instructions regarding your consignor inventory.)




We can not accept items which do not meet the standard lead limits, phthalates standards and toy standards.  Click here to access the CPSC Recall site.

  • Screen print tees  (with the exception of Old Navy, GAP, TCP, Abercrombie, Justice type brands)
  • Out of date clothing
  • Clothing that is stained, worn, faded, has broken zippers, missing buttons etc.
  • Out of season clothing
  • Car seats (for safety reasons) unless they are part of a travel system.
  • Cribs
  • Stuffed Animals
  • VHS Tapes/Cassette Tapes
  • Handmade items
  • Breastpumps
  • Undergarments that aren't like new or new 
  • No fall/winter items will be accepted for the spring/summer sale.


Donation Letter: 

The below letters are for any consignor who has donated items during our sale and needs these letters attached with their donated items report for tax purposes.

Consignors price their own items.   All items are priced in $.50 increments starting at the $1 price.  As a general rule, try to price your items at about 20-40% of what you originally paid.  Perfect Gap and Gymboree sell well and may get closer to 25-30% of the original cost and perfect Boutique brands will get up to 40% of the original purchase price.  Scrutinize each piece as if YOU were planning to purchase it.  Items that are priced too high will not readily sell!  Do not allow an emotional attachment to an item cause you to overprice it.

Keep in mind your competition. For instance, there is always a large selection of like-new infant clothes from 0-9 months.  If you want your item to sell, then you might consider pricing lower to make it look more appealing.  If you have name brand boys clothes in size 4T or higher that are in excellent condition then you can chance asking a slightly higher price. (Since boys tend to wear out their clothes more, these nicer items might be harder to find.)  Preteen clothes are harder to sell because at that age the kids are getting pickier about what they want to wear.
You also have the option to have your items discounted to 50% off the last 1-2 days of the sale to help them sell if they haven't already at regular price.  You will indicate whether you want each item discounted when tagging your items.  You can have some items discounted and others not.  You are in complete control of your pricing.  We strongly recommend pricing your items to discount on our 50% days.  If your item has not sold at full price during the first days of selling, it will most likely not sell at that price.  Opt for the 50% off selection, and your chances increase greatly.  If you choose to donate your items at the end then those items will automatically discount before will be donated.

Outdoor playground equipment, Little Tykes, double strollers, jogging strollers, furniture and other large items may sell for up to 60% of the original purchase price if in good condition.  If these items are worn, please keep that in mind when pricing.


While you are registering to consign, the system will ask you to select a drop off time.  We have drop off appointments on April 11th and 12th.  These scheduled appointments allow us to have consignors dropping off throughout the day so that we don't have everyone trying to come at once.  Detailed information on how drop off works is emailed to each consignor about 2 weeks prior to the start of the sale. 
At the end of the sale we will sort out all the unsold items by consignor number.  On Monday, April 19th you can come and pick up any of your unsold items from 4:00-7:00 PM.  No appointment needs made for this.   If you have chosen to donate all of your items you will have no reason to come back. Our donation companies will pick up all the donated items that evening.  EVERYTHING not picked up or accounted for by 7:00 PM that night will be donated.

Mobile Friendly Inventory System with voice entry option is available and is well loved by many consignors.  Give it a try.  

VIC (Very Important Consignor) program has returned:

If you are a returning consignor and sold 80% of your inventory the previous sale and have consigned at least 2 sales then you qualify to be a VIC.  Your high sales percentage shows that your items sell well, are in good condition and are priced to sell.

VIC members get to do VIC drop offs.  No waiting to get your items inspected.  You get to bring in your items and go straight to the racks.  No waiting for volunteers to inspect your items.  Just leave in your bins organized by size and take straight to the racks and hang up.  Quick and Easy. 

You will be notified prior to registration if you have qualified for this program.   Failure to bring in quality items free of wear and stains will cause you to be removed from VIC status.  If 3 or more items are found with stains or excessive wear then we have the right to remove you from the program.  


The key to successful consigning is preparation!  The better your items look the more you can charge, so take the time to prepare your items correctly.  A little bit of work before the sale will lead to a larger check following the sale!

Carefully inspect your clothing to make sure there are no stains or tears.  All buttons, snaps and zippers should be closed and in working order.  Clean and press your items to make them as presentable as possible. 

All clothing must be on a hanger.  Clothing should be hung on the hanger so the hanger makes a question mark (?)  See below for further instructions.
Shoes must be in near-perfect condition and secured together.  See below for further instructions.
IMPORTANT:  All DVD's and video games are to be left UNTAPED. We will be inspecting all DVD's upon arrival. If there are too many scratches on the back of the DVD, then it will be rejected as we can not with certainty say that it will play correctly without skipping!  Once we verify the DVD is in the case and it is in good condition we will secure the case with packing tape the whole way around.
Toys that require batteries must have them or the item will not be accepted to sell.  Customers want to be able to see that the toy is in proper working condition.

Puzzles and games MUST have all the pieces - count everything, and then seal the box carefully. 
Toys, games, equipment etc. must have all pieces, be clean, and not out-of-date. 

Hang all garments on hangers with hanger hook pointing left so it makes a question mark. (?)  Place tag on right side of garment with a safety pin or use a tagging gun. * If using a tagging gun make sure to place needle through garment tag or in inseam on right side of garment so we can find the tag quickly AND so it doesn't leave a hole in the clothing item when removed.  If using pins, please poke just one hole through the tag and then pin onto clothes.  And please be mindful of the material you are putting pins into.  If you think it could leave a noticeable hole then place it through garment tag or inseam.  Do not use tiny gold pins ( not strong enough) and do not use straight pins or staples (dangerous to the shopper).  Use normal safety pins.  See pictures below for examples.  If the item has a zipper (coat, sweatshirt) then place the safety pin through the zipper hole and zip it to the top.  Do not use this method on jeans' zippers - use the front pocket or waistband to pin through.

**When securing pants to a regular hanger, be sure you PIN the pants to the upper hanger shoulders, not the straight edge bottom, to keep them from sliding around and to display them best.  Pant hangers with clips are fine as well.  Make sure the clips are secure. 

Secure two-piece outfits together by safety-pinning the two pieces together.  This way, if one item falls off of the hanger, it will not be lost.   Do not pin pieces so that one piece can not be seen.  Hang the shirt on the hanger and then pin the pants to the back of the shirt at the shoulders. Again, be mindful of pinning so you do not create holes in the garment!                                                               

Make sure to pair items of the SAME SIZE!   


Shoes:   Only 15 pairs of shoes are permitted per consignor.  When preparing shoes, it is very helpful to attach them to each other to prevent the loss of a shoe during the sale.  The best method for securing shoes together is to use Zipties.   You can buy packs of 100 zipties at a home improvement store in the electrical department for about $3.00.  Zipties are the most secure method and can only be removed with scissors. (See picture of ziptie.)   Place a hole in the tag in the upper corner and string the ziptie or string through the hole before you secrue it to the shoes.  Only if the shoes are unable to be tied together ( ballet flats, penny loafers) may you place shoes in a clear ziploc bag.  The tag may then be taped to the outside of the ziploc bag or pinned somewhere if need be. 

Hairbows, ribbons, headbands, belts, etc:   Place these items in a clear ziploc bag with the tag secured to the outside of the bag. 

Books/DVD's:  Label books and DVD's by placing the tag on the back of the item and adhering gently with clear tape.  Please tape carefully as we do not want to rip an item's case or cover when removing the tag.  We WILL NOT accept VHS tapes. 

Toys, Games, Puzzles:  Please make sure all pieces of a toy or game are included.  Smaller pieces can be placed inside a ziploc bag and then SECURELY taped to the toy.  Game boxes should be in good condition and taped so that pieces can not fall out.  Count your puzzle pieces to make sure they are complete.  Wooden puzzles can be wrapped in clear plastic wrap or large Ziploc bags and then secured with tape on the back to keep all puzzle pieces in place. 

CARDSTOCK TAGS:   TAGS MUST BE ON WHITE CARDSTOCK....NO OTHER COLOR.  This paper is sold at any office supply store including Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, etc. Do not use regular weight copy paper to print your tags.  This paper rips easily and if it falls off of your item, and we are unable to identify where it came from, the item then goes into our Lost & Found box and can not be sold.  It can also help to place a piece of tape over one corner of the cardstock and then pin through the tape. 

REQUIREMENT on TAGS:   FULL DESCRIPTIONS ARE REQUIRED and allow us to match up a tag to an item if it has fallen off during the sale.  Our tagging system allows you to enter a full description of the item you are selling.  Take advantage of this to tell a buyer if your 24 month outfit "fits like 18 months", has "only been worn once", or "has never been worn".   Putting "JEANS" in the description is not acceptable and will not help us if your tag falls off and then your item can not be sold.  Putting a description such as "Children's Place jeans with flower on back pocket" helps us in finding a tag for your item.  We match up many lost tags during the sale for those that take the time to put detail in the description.

50% OFF DISCOUNT:  Also in our tagging system you can indicate for each individual item if you would like it to be discounted to 50% on the last day by checking off the discount box.  You can also indicate if you would like your item to be donated to Garments of Love by marking the donate box. These indications will show up on your tag so buyers know if the item is 50% off on the 50% off shopping day and we know when sorting at the end of the sale if your item is being donated or being picked up by you.  Reminder that all BOOKS must be marked to DISCOUNT to help them sell!

DONATED ITEMS:  Any items marked to donate MUST also be marked to discount.  During our 50% off sale almost 90% of what we sell is discounted.  That is a full two days of selling.  Buyers come back to search for 50% off items.  If it hasn't sold yet, why not try to make some money on it before donating it.  This also helps save us time when sorting.  The more we sell, the less we have to sort into the donation pile or into consignors numbers.

BEGIN TAGGING:  Once you have registered as a consignor you can begin tagging your items.

DEADLINE FOR TAGGING:  All tags must be input by midnight on Saturday, April 10th.  You will be able to print tags after the system goes offline, you just can't input any new data.  The tagging software will go off line to convert our software to the POS system to prepare for the sale.