FAST PASS PRESALE - $5 per person pre-paid registration or pay at the door.

Wednesday, April 14th starting at 6:00

(includes first time moms with infants, expectant first time moms, new adoptive parents and foster parents)

Wednesday, April 14th at 3PM (remember to bring your pre-sale pass for entrance)

Falsifying info will not be tolerated.  This time is strictly reserved for pregnant and first time moms with babies under 12 months of age. This presale also includes adoptive and foster parents who have just welcomed a new member to their family, regardless of age. 
Space is limited for this event.  Click button to right to register and get your pass!  

Guests to accompany new parents will not be allowed due to occupancy limits.

Important Note:  While we typically DO NOT limit strollers or children at any point during our sale, due to COVID and occupancy limits we will have to limit children for this sale.  Please use your best judgement or follow pre-sale registration guidelines.  Our sale is all about children and we never want to burden moms to find childcare to shop at our sale.  Strollers must contain a child & can't be brought to use as shopping carts.

EARLY BIRD PRE-SALE - $10 Admission Fee per person: Wednesday April 14th starting at 11AM. 

Want a chance to find some great deals before we open our doors to the general public?  Take advantage of our Early Bird Pre-Sale times to get a jump start on all the great deals.  $10 Admission at the door is now accepted.

GRANDPARENT PRE-SALE:  Space is limited. Pre-registration required.
Wednesday, April 14th at 4PM

Not only is it expensive for parents to raise kids these days, but it is pricey for grandparents too. We know that 
grandma likes to have her own special sleeping arrangements for the grandchildren as well as special toys and clothes.
We want to help grandparents to provide that special home away from home for their grandchildren at a very reasonable
price.  That is why we offer our grandparent preview sale.  Sometimes grandparents need a little something special too!                                                                              If you are a grandparent with a grandchild that is 18 months or younger and would like to shop our preview sale then 

click on register button on right to register.  



DAYCARE AND PRESCHOOL Owners/Workers Presale   (Pass Required - Space is limited)

Wednesday, April 14th at 4:30PM

How to Register:
E-mail: if you would like to pass out our postcards to your daycare or preschool participants and we will make sure to drop some off at your location.  In return, we will provide you with exclusive presale passes just for you.

HOMETOWN HEROES PRESALE - Due to space capacity registration is required and space is limited.

Wednesday, April 14th at 5PM

All Military, EMS, Police, Firefighters, Rescue Workers, Nurses and Teachers can pre-register.  Bring your ID with your proof of registration to show at the door.


Wednesday, April 14th at 4PM

Space is limited for this event.   Must be a parent with multiples between ages of infant to 12 years old.  New multiples sections are being added to size categories from age infant to size 7.  Take advantage of this opportunity to find items for your multiples.  In order to get into the presale registration is required.  We ask you bring or show a picture of your multiples along with your pass at the entrance.

​Space is limited for this event.