Full Sale Schedule for our Spring 2021 Sale

We will be following COVID mandated capacity limits for the PISA venue.  Should we reach limits in the venue, we will have a socially distanced line formed to allow one shopper into the venue when one comes out.  

Thanks to new capacity limits going into effect April 1st we don't believe this should be a problem but can't guarantee.

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SHOPPING TIME TO NO MORE THAN 2.5 HOURS if we do have a line waiting to get in.

Hours Subject to change 

Sunday, April 11th
     Scheduled Drop Offs:  1:30PM - 8:00 PM

Monday, April 12th
     Scheduled Drop Offs:  10AM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday, April 13th
    Team Leaders Shop:  1PM - 9PM
    12 Hour Team Member Shop:  1:30PM - 9PM
     9  Hour Team Member Shop:  2PM - 9PM
     6 Hour Team Member Shop:  2:30PM - 9PM
     3 Hour Team Member Shop:  3:30PM - 9PM

NEW Change for this sale specifically:

    Consignors Shop with Pre-registration: 5PM (limited spots)

    Consignors Shop with Pre-registration: 6:30 PM (limited spots)​

Wednesday, April 14th (Visit our Pre-Sale page for full info)

ALL Pre-sales will have limited registration spaces in order to keep shoppers socially distanced and keep us within designated capacity.

Per the increase in capacity limits, we will now allow pre-sale shoppers to pay at the door for the Early Bird and Fast Pass Presales.  If we have hit our capacity limits, those paying at the door may have to wait in line for entrance to get in.

Friends of Consignors Shop: 9AM/10AM Pre-Registration Required or can show Friend of Consignor card at the door

Early Bird Presale - $10 per person entrance fee 11AM   (Pre-pay or pay at the door)


New Mom Presale- Pre-Registration Required:  3PM 
Grandparents Sale- Pre-Registration Required:  4PM
Daycare and Preschool Owners/Workers -  Pass Required:  4:30PM

Hometown Heroes Presale-  reserved for Military, Police, Fire, EMS

and Teachers -  Pre-Registration is Required - Show Valid ID at the door:  5PM

Fast Pass Presale- $5.00 entrance fee: 6PM (Pre-pay or pay at the door)

Thursday, April 15th
     Open to Public - Free Admission:  9AM - 8PM

Friday, April 16th
      Open to Public - Free Admission:  9AM - 4PM (closes to public at 4PM)
      50% off Team Leaders: 4PM - 8PM
      50% off 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour Team Members and Consignors: 4PM - 8PM

Saturday, April 17th
    50% off Sale Open to Public:  9AM - 6PM  - Free Admission

Sunday, April 18th

   50% off Sale - Open to Public: 9AM - 2PM. - Free Admission

   Sorting: 2PM-6PM

Monday, April 19th
    Sorting: 8AM - 4PM
    Pickups: 4PM - 7PM