Full Sale Schedule

Hours Subject to change 

Sunday, Sept 8th
     Scheduled Drop Offs:  1:30PM - 9PM

Monday, Sept 9th
     Scheduled Drop Offs:  10AM - 9PM

Tuesday, Sept 10th
    Team Leaders Shop:  3PM - 9PM
    12 Hour Team Member Shop:  3:30PM - 9PM
     9  Hour Team Member Shop:  4PM - 9PM
     6 Hour Team Member Shop:  4:30PM - 9PM
     3 Hour Team Member Shop:  5:30PM - 9PM

Wednesday, Sept 11th (Visit our Pre-Sale page for full info)
Consignors and Friends of Consignors Shop: 9AM - 9PM
Early Bird Presale- $10 per person at the door: 11AM - 9PM

New Mom Presale- Pre-Registration Required:  1PM - 9PM
Grandparents Sale- Pre-Registration Required:  2PM - 9PM
Daycare and Preschool Owners/Workers -  Pass Required:  2:30PM - 9PM

Hometown Heroes Presale-  reserved for Military, Police, Fire, EMS

and Teachers -  Show Valid ID at the door for  FREE admission  

(Additional shoppers with you will pay admission):  3PM - 9PM

Fast Pass Presale- $3.00 Admission per person at the door  5 PM - 9 PM

Thursday, Sept 12th
     Open to Public - Free Admission:  9AM - 8PM

Friday, Sept 13th
      Open to Public - Free Admission:  9AM - 4PM (closes to public at 4PM)
      50% off Team Leaders: 4PM - 8PM
      50% off 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour Team Members and Consignors: 4PM - 8PM

Saturday, Sept 14th
    50% off Sale Open to Public:  9AM - 6PM

Sunday, Sept 15th

   50% off Sale - Open to Public: 9AM - 2PM

   Sorting: 2PM-6PM

Monday, Sept 16th
    Sorting: 8AM - 4PM
    Pickups: 4PM - 7PM