Shoppers, get excited about the great deals you will find on brand name, quality clothing, children's gear and maternity clothes!  

Sunflower Sprouts brings to you an organized shopping venue where you can search through over 450 consignors' bounty.  We sell popular brands such as Gap, Baby Gap, Gymboree, Carters, Osh Kosh, Nike, Lands' End, Children's Place, Hanna Andersson, Hartstrings, Janie & Jack, Justice, Abercrombie, and many other boutique-style brands.

For the new mom, you will find an array of bouncy seats, exersaucers, high chairs, boppy pillows, and other gear to outfit your nursery as well as maternity clothes for you at a fraction of the cost of buying new.  Maybe you are a mom who bought all "girl-colored" equipment for your first-born, and now there is a boy on the way and you would like to update some things.  Or maybe Grandma needs some quality equipment for use at her house.  There are so many reasons to shop at a Sunflower Sprouts consignment sale! Because these type of sales tend to get very busy, we do have a few rules to help things run smoothly:  

Rules and Suggestions to improve your shopping experience:

  1.  DIAPER BAGS OR PURSES/BAGS OVER 12"X10" WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED for security purposes.  You may bring in EMPTY shopping bags to use as you shop.  This applies to shoppers, consignors and volunteers.   If you must bring diapers, wipes, supplies we suggest you place in a clear Ziploc bag to bring into the sale.
  2. Try to limit the use of strollers during the Public Sale.  Strollers are only allowed if they contain a child.  We do not allow strollers to be brought in to be used as shopping carts for space purposes.
  3. We recommend that you bring a large empty shopping bag or laundry basket to collect your wanted items in.  You can even attach a belt or tie to the basket so you can just pull it along. (But you can't pull it through the lobby as it can scratch the wood floors at PISA).  This will give you a free hand to help find more items appropriate for your family and they can slide out of the way easier too.    
  4. For your shopping convenience, we recommend that you measure the inseam of your child's pants, and bring a tape measure with you to use as you shop.  This way, you will know if an item has shrunk and be able to ensure the best fit for your child. 
  5. If you are planning to shop for shoes, draw your child's foot on a piece of paper that you can bring along so you can match shoes to their size foot. 
  6. Tell all of your friends and family where you got your great deals!  Word of mouth is the best type of advertising and we appreciate all of our return customers and consignors! 


Buyer Questions

  • How do I get in early?  If you volunteer for just 3 hours for our sale you get to be one of the very first shoppers through our sale.  We also have presales for first time moms, grandmas, and day care owners. 
  • Are children allowed on opening day?  Yes.  We understand how difficult and expensive it is to find childcare.  We would appreciate you trying to find childcare to make the shopping experience easier for you and our other shoppers, but we welcome all children.  If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be doing what we do.
  • Can I bring a diaper bag or larger bag?  NO.  We will not allow any bags over the size of 12"x10" unless it is empty to use for shopping purposes.  You will be asked to return it to your car.  We will not be responsible for holding these for people.
  • How can I carry all the great items I will find at the sale?  Strollers are only allowed if they are holding a child.   We have a limited number of large shopping bags you can use while shopping.  We also recommend you bring a laundry basket tied to a belt or rope that you can pull with you.  These slide out of the way easy in the aisles to let others through.   We also have a holding area in which you can place larger items until you are ready to check out.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept Cash, MasterCard and Visa for purchases over $20. 
  • What is your return policy?  All sales are final with no returns. 
  • Can we "try on" the clothing?  Sorry, but no.  We suggest measuring your child's current clothes at home (inseam, length, waist etc).  Most shoppers then bring a tape measure to check for the correct size.
  • Are the sales seasonal for clothing?  Yes.  Spring/summer clothing is sold in our March-April sales.  Fall/winter clothing is sold in  our September-October sales.
  • Who runs the sales?  Sunflower Sprouts is a privately owned company run by 2 moms who love to help other families financially through offering an outlet to buy and sell used children's items at great prices. 

Seller Questions 

  • Who can consign their items and become a seller?  Anyone can consign their children’s items with Sunflower Sprouts.
  • What percentage of the sales do I receive?  Sellers receive 65% of their sales less a $15 selling fee that is paid through Paypal during the online registration.
  • Why do I have to pay a consignor registration fee when registering?  Our sale has grown so large that we cap how many consignors we can have based on the location and size. We want to make sure that the consignors who sign up to sell with us are committed to consigning with us.  If a consignor signs up and never shows, they are taking a valuable spot from another consignor who was ready, able and willing to consign.  The fee helps to cover the costs of our sales fixtures, insurance, rent, and storage fees.
  • What percentage of my items can I expect to sell?  Most sellers sell approximately 60-70% of their items in sizes 2-10.  For sizes under 24 months the percentage drops due to the sheer volume of merchandise received.  People also tend to receive infant clothing as gifts, hand me downs, etc.  The older sizes also will sell a lower percentage as children become pickier as they near the pre-teen years and there is no way to try clothes on. :-)
  • When do I pick up my unsold items?  Please view the schedule on the sale information page for the time/date to pick up your unsold items if you have chosen not to donate them.  All items not picked up at that time will automatically be donated. We apologize, however no exceptions can be made to this policy.
  • Do I have to sort through the racks to find my unsold items?  No, when you pick up your unsold items, your items will already be sorted into your Consignor# for easy pickup.
  • How long does it take to receive my earnings? You should receive a check from us 7-14 days after the sale.
  • Will I know what items have sold?  Yes!  Every seller can print a report online that lists which items have sold, and also a donated items report.  Sellers can also view their sales online each evening.
  • Where do I find safety pins/coat hangers?  Most dry cleaners will give you a modest amount of these items free.  Any Giant Eagle location that has a dry cleaners in it will often times be happy to give you their hangers.  If you need a lot, ask if you can buy them.  Most of the time dry cleaners will sell  you these supplies at a reduced amount (cheaper than discount stores).  The other place to try is your local $1.00 store or Walmart.
  • Will I get my hangers back?  No.  In order to keep our checkout lines moving faster during busy times we try not to remove hangers.  At the end of the sale we will have some hangers that consignors can take during pick-up, but only on a first come first serve basis.
  • If I consign my items, do I have to stay during the sale?  No.  Consignors drop off their items and come back on the last day of the sale to pick up their unsold items.
  • How many items can I bring into sell?  Each seller may sell up to 300 items.  Our average consignor brings about 150-175 items. 

Team Member Questions

  • Can anyone sign up as a team member and attend the team member preview sale?  Yes, anyone may sign up to be a team member on a first come/first serve basis.
  • Can I be a team member for more than one shift?  Yes, many people help for 2, 3 or even 4 shifts and get to shop at different times based on how many hours worked. Also, all consignors who sign up to be a team member for 6 or more hours receive an extra 5% commission on their sales totaling 70%.
  • How long are the shifts?  3 Hours
  • I'm pregnant or have a medical condition?  If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please contact us so we can find a time that will be most comfortable for you.
  • Can I bring my children with me?  Sorry, only infants 0-3 months and children over 16 may accompany you while you are helping as a team member.